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By stimulating your skin from the outside, you are aiding in the cleansing of your body, increase blood circulation, assisting in releasing fatty deposits of cellulite under the skin’s surface, buffing off that top layer of dry flaky skin, reducing the ageing process and rejuvenating your skin cells.

Dry face and body brushing creates a cleaner, stronger and more detoxified skin which is essential when caring for dry skin conditions. It increases blood flow, which can help flush areas that have flare-ups, helps lymphatic drainage to remove toxins, and gently buffs off that dry skin build up to assist in cell renewal. Dry brushing preps clean, vibrant skin ready for natural skin care products to work more effectively and moisturise the skin.

Deluxe FSC Body Brush – Firm Bristle

$ 42.00

Jute Dry Face Brush – Soft Bristle

$ 21.50

Jute Long Handled Dry Body Brush- Soft Bristle

$ 35.00

Organic Tea Tree Spray

$ 18.50

Tampico FSC Body Brush – Firm Bristle

$ 45.00


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