We all know that we have to look out for what toxins are being added to or sprayed on our food. We know ingesting too many of these nasties leads to many side effects and illnesses – scarily, some that we may not even be aware of. But what about what we put on our bodies??! Shouldn’t we invest the same amount of devotion of what goes in to what actually goes on?


I remember dropping a bottle of my favourite foundation, the glass shattered, splattering the foundation all over the floor as well as the carefully planned outfit I was planning on wearing out – we’ve all had those moments! But this time it was different because as I started the clean-up I found it wasn’t so easy to get this stuff off my tiles….and almost impossible to get it out of my clothes. Which made me think “what the frigg is in this and why am I putting it on my face??!!”

www.renpidgeon.comThe skin is the body’s largest organ. Everything we put on it absorbs into our bloodstream. Same theory as the food –the toxins we are slathering on our bodies daily absorb into our bloodstream leading to a build-up of toxins which can lead to diseases such as cancer, hormone imbalance, birth defects, acne….the list goes on.

The “what the frigg is in this and why am I putting it on my face” thought returned when friends and family were pregnant and realised it was unsafe to use their regular products during pregnancy as it may harm the baby’s development. Then it hit us – if it’s so dangerous for them, why is it ok for us? Well the truth is – it isn’t! We have had our own battles with health and skin issues; pigmentation, hormonal imbalance, adult acne (the worst!). All of the evidence led to the same culprit – we had to remove these toxins from our products.



A woman uses an average of 168 chemicals on her body daily through the use of her skin and beauty products – shocking! Even if they claim to be in ‘safe levels’ in each individual product, once you have gone through your whole beauty regime (which we know can be extensive) this level increases significantly.

So began the search for safe, natural products. This was harder than we thought it would be! We were shocked to find that companies were able to loosely throw around the terms “natural” “organic” and “mineral” while having the tiniest amount of these “safe” ingredients – and filling the rest with the same nasties as before, just in disguise. Then some other products that are 100% natural, are quite frankly crap products and no better than using dishwashing detergent on our skin. Gross!


So the Maven Luxe mission was born. We wanted the same standard, quality and results as our old products – without the nasties. So the hunt to source high quality, luxurious products made with integrity by talented creators began. It was important they still possess the style we are accustomed to from our old toxic friends, and that make us look and feel nourished – like only natural ingredients can. So here’s our promise to you – your beauty fix, delivered naturally.