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Edible Beauty  – Why you should be eating for beauty

By Oct 05, 2016 Comments Off on Edible Beauty  – Why you should be eating for beauty

You are what you eat…we have all heard this millions of times before, usually when our parents were trying to get us to eat our veggies. Back then we just rolled our eyes and still wanted the ice cream, but as we age and become more aware of our bodies, we realise this is true – particularly when it comes to beauty.
What we put into our bodies is reflected in our skin. When you indulge in the whole block of chocolate, your skin repays you with an enormous breakout – usually right before a special occasion! Our inner health plays a huge factor in the health of our skin, but the good bacteria is constantly put out of balance by all of the toxins, antibiotics, preservatives and chemicals we ingest daily. This wreaks havoc on our health and also our complexion leading to breakouts, dullness, dehydration and steals that flawless glow we all want to achieve.

Enter Inner Beauty Food

www.renpidgeon.comThe creators behind Raw Complexions, a skin specialist and a nutritionist, created Skintox and Skinbalance in response to the number of women they treated with skin conditions. These edible beauty powders aim to assist the body in detoxifying the liver, as this build-up of toxins leads to many skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, inflammation, dehydration and psoriasis. They also promote production of complexion boosting cells and proteins such as collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. Collagen, the key ingredient to the fountain of youth, reaches its peak in our bodies at around 20, then slowly declines as we age causing skin to weaken, sag and wrinkle. Anything that helps increase our collagen production naturally – we are on board!
The reason we love this so much is it is targeting the cause of the skin issue and correcting it internally, rather than just treating the symptom. Applying skincare that contains collagen and elastin is pointless as they are not able to be absorbed by our skin – it just sits on the surface of the skin which has zero benefit. Whereas these beauty powders are encouraging your body to produce collagen and elastin, improving your complexion so it actually glows, rather than faking it. The other reason we love these beauty powders is that they are jam packed with so many beneficial ingredients that you could not eat in one sitting if you tried – all in one teaspoon! Simply add it to your breakfast, smoothie or juice and you are good to go.
As there is a skin specialist and a nutritionist behind these formulations, they have carefully selected the ultimate combination of ingredients for inner beauty. Here are a few to give you an idea:

Skin Balance

Astragalus; Promotes the production of hyaluronic acid within the body, which in turn induces growth of collagen-producing cells called fibroblast. Hyaluronic Acid holds 1000x times its own water weight therefore providing the skin with super hydration leaving your skin plump, dewy whilst decreasing fine lines and dehydration. We all want more of this!
Hemp Seed; Containing 20 amino acids and 9 essential amino acids that our bodies cannot produce, replenishing and stimulating skin tissues. Vitamin A to increase skin cell turnover, stimulating collagen and elastin proteins, the essential vitamin for anti-ageing and acne concerns.

Beetroot; Containing Beta-Carotene (vitamin A) and carotenoids that are essential for tissue growth and repair. Also providing antioxidant protection against oxidative damage and premature ageing, and brightening and lightening of the skin.
Tumeric; Treating congestion and breakouts fighting against acne causing bacteria with its antiseptic and antibacterial properties.

Flaxseed Meal; polyphenol antioxidants with the highest source of omega 3 fatty acids, increasing skin hydration and free radical protection.
Bee Pollen; Rich in over 12 essential vitamins, 8 amino acids, 30 unique minerals, enzymes that rejuvenates damaged skin, increasing cell turnover, stimulating collagen and elastin.

Schizandra; Detoxifies the liver, providing oxygen to skin cells and preserving moisture within the skin. Aids in the reduction of stress hormone, strengthening sex hormones in both women and men and improving sexual energy.
Pomegranate; Protection of the outer-most layer of the skin (the epidermis) and the middle layer (the dermis), aiding in skin cell regeneration. Increasing circulation and healing of wound tissues. Contains 3 x more antioxidants than green tea, protecting against free radicals and pigmentation.

This is just a portion of the beautifying ingredients contained in these powerful beauty powders – there are too many to mention them all here. But this gives you a snap shot of how many vitamins, minerals, antioxidants have been included to target the most common skin concerns to truly make your skin glow from the inside out. Try Raw Complexions Skin Balance and Skintox Beauty Food, $34.95 today.



Raw Complexions


7 Natural Tips to Keep your Skin Glowing in Winter

By Aug 11, 2016 Comments Off on 7 Natural Tips to Keep your Skin Glowing in Winter

Winter our old friend. The mornings are darker, nights colder, body pastier, legs hairier and skin drier! Ah the joy!

While most of our skin is easy to cover up and ignore during the colder months our faces are harder to hide. When we lose that dewy skin which is a benefit of summer, it’s harder to fake that glow with makeup when the skin underneath is flaky.

What is it about winter that strips our skin of its natural hydration? Well, in winter the air outside is low in humidity, therefore it’s cold and dry which causes the water in your skin to evaporate more quickly. The result is dry, flaky skin- not our best look! Our skin loses 25% of its ability to hold moisture in the winter. Those fresh winds blasting your face and giving you that wind swept look (not nearly as glamorous as it looks in the movies!) also strips your skin, leaving it feeling dry and chapped. Add to this the fact that we are constantly in heated environments, don’t drink as much water, and don’t always make the best food choices (pizza!) as the temperature drops whilst our fatty food intake increases! All of these reasons are stripping our skin of its natural moisture which we don’t replace in winter, so our skin is the big loser.

But before you resort to covering up with a balaclava – there are a few simple steps you can take. Just as our bodies need to be nourished with warmer, more substantial food in winter to help keep your bodies warm, our skin needs some extra TLC to stay hydrated. Your beauty routine should not be the same all year – it should change to suit the seasons.



1. Natural and organic

As your skin is already under enough pressure from the elements in winter, opting for a natural and organic skincare is recommended to balance the toxins in the air with something pure for the body. Toxins in your products also clog the pores and prevent any of the beneficial ingredients in the product from penetrating your skin. The harsh chemicals and preservatives used in these products also strip your skin of moisture leaving it even drier instead of replenished. Natural and organic ingredients will protect and nourish your skin.

2. Serums

Winter is the perfect time to add a serum to your beauty routine when your skin needs that extra nourishment. While moisturisers are formulated to keep the skin hydrated by putting a protective barrier between your skin and the outside, serums are formulated to penetrate deeply into the skin to deliver key ingredients. The molecules in a serum are smaller than those in a moisturiser which allows it to deposit ingredients deeper into the skin – which is much more beneficial for long term results. Serums usually contain more ingredients such as Vitamin C, which are more active in working towards brightening skin to achieve that glow. Since I first discovered serums were so beneficial for treating skin conditions due to their active properties and level they penetrate, I have not looked back. Try the Ultra C Radiance Serum, Kakadu Plum Vitamin C Face Serum or Serum Revitalize.

3. Oils

Switching your normal moisturiser for an oil can provide the extra hydration skin needs. One of our favourites is argan oil, an organic product extracted from the kernels of the argan tree, which is native to Morocco. It is extremely rich in beneficial nutrients including fatty acids and vitamin E, which is why it is so beneficial in treating dry skin. It also absorbs easily, is non greasy and non-irritating. Its antioxidant content also make it ideal for anti-ageing – who doesn’t want that?! Try Argan & Rosehip Oil,  Boab & Rosehip with Vitamin E Oil, or Ultra Moisture Body Oil.

4. Rich Moisturisers

Winter is a great time to switch your normal moisturiser for something more nourishing, particularly at night when your skin does most of its healing and rejuvenating. Using a heavier moisturiser protects your skin by acting as a barrier between the skin and the harsh wind and the dry heat indoors. Look for hydrating ingredients such as Argan, Rosehip and Vitamin E for extra nourishment. Try Argan & Rosehip Moisturising cream or Lily Pilly & Omega 3 Moisturiser.


5. Hydrating sprays

As your skin is still being stripped by the harsh winds and heaters pumping inside, you can benefit from an extra boost of hydration during the day. I personally never leave home without a hydration spray in my handbag, a little spritz over the day is perfect for fixing makeup in place, and refreshing it over the day when it starts to sit on dry/flaky skin. A quick fix to bring back that glow! It is also brilliant for flying to replenish the moisture that is being sucked out of your skin. Try Antioxidant Toner or Damask Rose Hydrating Mist.


6. Dry Body Brushing

All this takes is a couple of minutes before your shower in the morning, but is well worth it for the exfoliating, detoxifying and rejuvenating benefits. Start from your feet and brush upwards in quick strokes towards your heart. It is energising as you can feel the blood start to flow, which is where the detoxing benefits come into play, as well as removing dry, flaky skin along the way. Did I mention this promotes lymphatic drainage which is perfect for preventing or treating cellulite? Need I say more? Try Tampico Body Brush, Deluxe Body Brush or opt for a Soft Bristle Body Brush.

7. Drink water

Now this is an easy one, but seems to fall by the wayside in winter when we are cold and less thirsty for a cold glass of water. A great way to ensure you are still getting your daily intake is to start the day with a large glass of hot water with lemon in it, then continue to sip on herbal teas throughout the day which also counts towards your water intake.

The same as your wardrobe needs to change for winter, so does your skincare routine. Ensuring you are using the right products, with natural and organic ingredients, will ensure your skin is hydrated and glowing all winter. The good news is we have done the hard work and selected the perfect products to sort you out. Shop the above recommendations and our range of natural and organic skincare now Maven Luxe.


By Jul 04, 2016 Comments Off on EDIT 2. THE HIT LIST

Over the years the amount of man made chemicals creeping into our skincare products has increased. We could be excused for not going ‘green’ years ago when we were unaware how dangerous some of them could be.  But knowledge is power, and now that we know the toxic affects these ingredients have on us, there is little excuse to ignore them.

Being aware of what is in your beauty and skincare products is the first step. We know deciphering an ingredients list of everything we use is time consuming – ain’t nobody got time for that! So listed below is a hit list of worst offenders which you should definitely avoid. Even if you are not a full convert, avoid products containing these:

  • Parabens –man made preservative chemicals. Methyl, propyl and butylparaben are the most frequently used in beauty products. They are so not good for you. Skincare can be made without these and excluding it doesn’t compromise on quality of the product – Avoid, Avoid, Avoid.
  • Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) – if you can’t pronounce it don’t use it!
  • Propylene Glycol – Another preservative, only this one can be found in ciggies. Enough said!
  • Butylene glycol – Thinning agent. It is also used to make construction materials from polyester plastics such as sheets and boards, molding and materials for boats. Propylene glycol and butylene glycol easily penetrate skin and weaken protein and cellular structure. I’ll pass thanks!!  The aim of skincare should be to nourish, repair, rebuild and refresh cells, especially the vital protein chains that power them.
  • Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS) & Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES) – Is a beauty! Its anionic detergent! Yes, you heard me detergent! Found in nearly all commercial Shampoo – how ironic!
  • Mineral Oil – Is a colourless and odourless oil made from petroleum. It clogs your pores and doesn’t benefit your skin at all. Omit it.


Once you start checking, you will be shocked how many of your products contain these ingredients. They are commonly used in a variety of products, such as cosmetics, moisturisers, shampoo, body wash and tanning products as they are a cost-effective alternative. The companies who use them (and we won’t name names) claim they are used at safe levels, however if they are present in all of your products, over time these chemicals build up in your body to harmful levels – which messes with our health. Here are some of the main side effects and reasons to avoid these toxins:


Premature ageing:

Ironically, while several of the commercial products that contain parabens are beauty products that are supposed to enhance the skin, research has found they actually accelerate the skin aging process. Ridiculous! It also increases the skin’s sensitivity and damage from the sun, which is one of the biggest factors causing our skin to age.

Hormone Imbalances:

When stored in the body, parabens are endocrine disruptors that interfere with glandular activity and hormone production. This can cause hormone imbalances which are not an easy fix and their consequences even harder. These imbalances can result in irregular cycles, acne, reproductive issues and developmental issues in children, to name a few.


As parabens act like the female hormone oestrogen in the body, studies have indicated parabens may play a role in the development of certain types of breast cancer. When researchers tested breast tumours, parabens were found in each sample.

Male reproductive issues:

This does not only apply to women, these chemicals have also been found to have an adverse effect on the male reproductive system. Studies have found low sperm counts and decreased levels of testosterone to be related to the absorption of parabens in commercial products. If the man in your life doesn’t care, swap out his skin care – he will thank you later.

natural products


Remember when they used to say smoking was safe? This feels like déjà vu. Is it worth the risk when there are natural alternatives available?? The safest thing to do is to bin products with these chemicals in them and start again. There are so many amazing natural and organic products being created, which are carefully formulated to improve the health of our skin and don’t break the bank. That’s why we made the choice to support companies who are doing the right thing and making safe, natural and organic products that actually benefit our skin, bodies and health.




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By Feb 13, 2016 Comments Off on EDIT 1: THE STORY OF MAVEN LUXE



We all know that we have to look out for what toxins are being added to or sprayed on our food. We know ingesting too many of these nasties leads to many side effects and illnesses – scarily, some that we may not even be aware of. But what about what we put on our bodies??! Shouldn’t we invest the same amount of devotion of what goes in to what actually goes on?


I remember dropping a bottle of my favourite foundation, the glass shattered, splattering the foundation all over the floor as well as the carefully planned outfit I was planning on wearing out – we’ve all had those moments! But this time it was different because as I started the clean-up I found it wasn’t so easy to get this stuff off my tiles….and almost impossible to get it out of my clothes. Which made me think “what the frigg is in this and why am I putting it on my face??!!”

www.renpidgeon.comThe skin is the body’s largest organ. Everything we put on it absorbs into our bloodstream. Same theory as the food –the toxins we are slathering on our bodies daily absorb into our bloodstream leading to a build-up of toxins which can lead to diseases such as cancer, hormone imbalance, birth defects, acne….the list goes on.

The “what the frigg is in this and why am I putting it on my face” thought returned when friends and family were pregnant and realised it was unsafe to use their regular products during pregnancy as it may harm the baby’s development. Then it hit us – if it’s so dangerous for them, why is it ok for us? Well the truth is – it isn’t! We have had our own battles with health and skin issues; pigmentation, hormonal imbalance, adult acne (the worst!). All of the evidence led to the same culprit – we had to remove these toxins from our products.



A woman uses an average of 168 chemicals on her body daily through the use of her skin and beauty products – shocking! Even if they claim to be in ‘safe levels’ in each individual product, once you have gone through your whole beauty regime (which we know can be extensive) this level increases significantly.

So began the search for safe, natural products. This was harder than we thought it would be! We were shocked to find that companies were able to loosely throw around the terms “natural” “organic” and “mineral” while having the tiniest amount of these “safe” ingredients – and filling the rest with the same nasties as before, just in disguise. Then some other products that are 100% natural, are quite frankly crap products and no better than using dishwashing detergent on our skin. Gross!


So the Maven Luxe mission was born. We wanted the same standard, quality and results as our old products – without the nasties. So the hunt to source high quality, luxurious products made with integrity by talented creators began. It was important they still possess the style we are accustomed to from our old toxic friends, and that make us look and feel nourished – like only natural ingredients can. So here’s our promise to you – your beauty fix, delivered naturally.



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