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(plural mavens)

A self-styled expert in a given field

We at Maven Luxe understand the importance of a healthy body and mind. That’s why we are conscious about what we put into our bodies as well as what we put on our bodies.

Most of today’s beauty products contain a chemical cocktail. These chemicals are absorbed into our bloodstream causing a build-up of toxins, which is why it’s important to avoid these nasties whenever you can. But sometimes it’s hard to know what ingredients are good and bad. We know we would rather poke our eyes out with an eyelash curler than try to decipher the contents of an ingredients list.

Our own struggles and realisations about our skin and health has led us to become advocates for incorporating natural and organic skincare into our daily routines and as a lifestyle. That’s why Maven Luxe have gone to great lengths to provide you a range of skincare and beauty products that are truly natural and organic, environmentally sustainable and not tested on our furry friends- just the way nature intended.

It’s hard to be good all the time, we are firm believers that going natural doesn’t mean living bland and boring, instead with attitude, style and confidence. Like you, we like to let our hair down a little, and occasionally enjoy a cocktail or three! No one is perfect and we don’t expect you to be. But there are some things we can be good at.

You can be assured that there are no nasties on our site, only natural and luxurious products made with integrity- so you can indulge more in the things you can’t live without. We collaborate with the best in Australia to bring you a complete range so you can achieve the best version of you!


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